HelloRelaxation Hawaii Review – Shaka!

We had a nice time at the Waikai Banyan in Honolulu.
We stayed 2 nights and we did lots of stuff.
What was your favorite thing there? The pool. The pool.
What was your favoirte thing Raia? The pool.
and where did we go? Where did we walk to?
The beach.
And where else?
The zoo.
Right..We had such a good time. It was a nice view.
Aloha! and thank you!

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Hellorelaxation Review – @Newport Beach,CA

Hi, my name is Michael.

I stayed at the property located at 416 E Balboa for a weekend. It was a great property, everything was very clean and the house was nicely furnished and made our stay that much better.

The Hello Relaxation was very easy to work with and they handled everything very professionally and we really appreciated that. The property itself is very well updated and had all the amenities that make you feel right at home. The Garage and extra parking was great as parking on Balboa Peninsula is usually difficult.

I give this company and property 5 stars, and would definitely rent from them again. Thank you again for a great weekend.

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Hellorelaxation.com – Waikiki vacation rental review

Hi, my name is Marcy and I wanted to tell you about our experience on our vacation to Hawaii in October.
We stayed at the HelloRelaxation condos in Oahu and when we arrived to the condo it was really nice.
It had a really nice kitchen that was fully furnished with the equipment that you need to cook which made it nice because we were able to save money with cooking our food and making lunches and stuff for the days.
When we also arrived we noticed that there was really a nice living room and bedroom that had two queen beds.
It really had a nice view of the ocean outside of the patio.
Now, it also came with parking, free parking which made it really nice and convenient because we were able to park all day for free.
We also were able to enjoy the pool facilities and the big barbecue area where you can go and have barbecues.
We also were able to enjoy the closeness of having all the shopping and restaurants close by.
Ten walks down from where we stayed there was the International Market where you could do all the shopping and buy all the souvenirs that you would like.
All in all we had a great time at the HelloRelaxation and we look forward to going back to Oahu.
Thanks again.

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Hellorelaxation.com – Beverly Hills vacation rental review

I am staying in the 1BR apartment at 310 North Crescent in Beverly Hills. Very nice apartment, very clean, great balcony, great swimming pool. I used that a lot, the weather is good! And there’s also a sunroof where you can take yourself after you swim and sun bathe after you read after these stuff. So whatever it were for me, my assistant at my office in West Holywood found your property. It was the best of the options that she found and I was very very happy with it and I will come again.

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Hellorelaxation South Beach vacation rental video review

My name is Sergio.

I’m here to give my review regarding HelloRelaxation homes.

We had a great time in South Beach where we rent their place for the whole month of July.90 Alton Rd, Suite 603. It was an amazing experience. We had a great time. The unit was perfect and super good condition. The pool was outstanding on the same floor where we stayed. The location of the place was right in South Beach, less a couple of miles from the beach and restaurants. The staff of HelloRelaxation homes were there in time to give us the keys and explain everything to us. Everybody was very friendly. We feel very welcome.

So I highly recommend this place in this company for your next summer vacation or any vacation. I would say that our experience was great and we will definitely try to book it again for next year. So the family, you see, happy kids, just coming back from a nice summer vacation.

Thank you HelloRelaxation homes.


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Hellorelaxation beautiful day in Santa Monica video review

Host: Good morning, we are in Santa Monica. Hi, Amanda! Hi Natalie!
Guest 2: Hi!
Guest 1: Hi everyone! We’re here at Santa Monica beach. We’re having a great time on our holiday.
We’ve been in LA for one month and we’re loving it. We love staying here and bathing suit and
Guest 2: Thanks, Mary!
Host: Thank you so much, guys, for doing this video. So you guys are leaving tomorrow and going to
Vegas. I envy you (laugh). So far how was your stay here in LA? Everything is fine?
Guest 1: Yeah. I had a great time.
Guest 2: Everything was brilliant. I enjoyed it really, really good time.
Host: And how about the apartment. Is everything okay despite my mess up (laugh).
Guest 1: Yeah, we had a few apartments. First one was in Malibu which was lovely.
Guest 2: Beverly Hills
Guest 1: And Beverly Hills was amazing. And then here in Santa Monica we’re they’re on the beach!
Super happy!
Guest 2: Very happy.
Host: Thank you very very much. Alright, so you guys have fun and I hope the Vegas trip is going to go well.
Guest 1: Yey! (thumbs up)
Host: Perfect! Thank you. Have a great day! Take care, bye!
Guests 1&2: Bye.

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Hellorelaxation Santa Monica on the beach video review

Pierre: I’m Pierre.

Melanie: And I am Melanie.

Pierre: And we are at 1659 Ocean Front Walk, on the beach, here in Santa. Monica, California. We’re enjoying our lovely vacation. Thanks to HelloRelaxation.

Melanie: We don’t consider ourselves beach people but we wanted to try something different. And we took advantage of everything this place has to offer. We ate at several of the restaurants. We walked along the beach, the pier and we even rented a tandem bike where we strolled around, and that was really fun. And we also did some shopping on Third st. And the best thing about all of that is everything was within a walking distance, especially from our comfortable suite you see behind us.

So we highly recommend this place. And we can’t wait to come back. And once again, thank you HelloRelaxation.

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Hellorelaxation Beverly Hills vacation rental review

Julian: My name is Julian. I am from Paris with my friends. These are
my friends.
Mary: These are the friends. Hello everybody.
Mary: So it’s last minute and they’re leaving today.
Julian: Yes, we spent like 5 days here with HelloRelaxation and
everything was fine. The flat is very nice and wide. Everything is
working and it’s very cool and the neighborhood in Beverly Hills is
really frenzy. Devorah and Mary are really great, always smiling and so
nice. Everything is perfect so thank you.
Mary: Anybody else who wanted to say something about Beverly Hills?
Mary: So, alright. Thank you very much and you guys have a safe trip.

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Hellorelaxation video review @ Santa Monica pier

Mary: Okay, so let’s try again.
Guest: So there are just 2 left.
Mary: Okay, this is the final cake. Let’s try. This is Ms caroline
and this is Ms Kathleen and this is the Santa Monica Pier.
Mary: so Ms Caroline again, how was your stay in HelloRelaxation?
Caroline: Oh we loved it a lot. It was a wonderful stay. We were stuck
somehow and had no place to stay and Mary was wonderful and helped us
out. And we had this (she was again scratching her head..) and she was
so wonderful and helped us and we had a nice place to stay in 310 N
Crescent Dr in Beverly Hills right next to the pool with the wonderful
apartment. It was clean. It was neat. It was really comfortable, we
felt really at home from the first moment we were there. It was a great
location to stay. And it was a wonderful treatment of the
people for being there.
Thank you so much for that experience. It was nice. Although in the
beginning of the vacation it wasnt so nice but this one is the best part
of it.
Mary: Thank you so much Ms Caroline
Caroline: You are welcome

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Hellorelaxation Santa Monica vacation rental review

We are here at Santa Monica
Mary: Hi Haley!
Haley: Hello!
Mary: Hi Amanda!
Amanda: Hi.
Mary: And this is the queen of Santa Monica.
Mother: Oh, hi. We’ve been staying here for a couple of weeks. It has come by really fast. We stayed in this apartment in this building that is in the perfect location. It’s like we could walk everywhere that we wanted and the girls could go down the streets, on the rings or over to the pier. And I could tidy up. It was really great. I had laundry and the building was totally clean. The room is clean. Mary was fantastic. she helped us a lot. she answers all our questions and helped us find our way around the city. It’s kind of getting really hectic. So, I think the girls had a really great time. They like the scene. There’s always something to see.
Mary: Yeah. And how about you, Haley? How is everything.
Haley: Oh, it was so great. I had such amazing time. I felt so at home and I really love the apartment. It was fantastic! And I hope to come back really.
Mother: Yeah.
Mary: Thank you so much. Well, Amanda, how are you? How is everything. I can see you’re so relaxed.
Amanda: I thought the apartment was great because like my mom said we could just walk outside and everything that we wanted. We can just be around in walking distance.
Mary: True. Santa Monica is really amazing.
Haley: Safe area.
Mary: Yeah, it’s a safe area.
Mary: Well, thank you so much and I hope you guys have a wonderful day. Thank you, have fun.
Mother: Thank you very much. We hope to see you again as soon as possible. Bye.
Mary: Thank you, bye.

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